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Awesome picture. I love the scope of it. Odin and the Asgardians partying as Jesus is sacrificing himself for humanity triggers so many ideas and criticism within. I could write a paper on this piece.

The only criticism about this piece that I have is about distinction. In a piece such as this, as a giant Marvel Thor fan, I wish to see the core characters of this mythos made more visible and distinct than the commoners in the bakground. Odin is perfect, but Thor and Loki kind of fade into the back, so to speak. They dont stand out as much, especially Loki. I think I found him but still aren't sure. With Thor, I seebakground him beneath Odin but I also see another asgardian in the far left background and it looks as though he has the Uru Hammer in his hand and is talking to a loki-esq (I hope I used that right lol) character. He also has the winged helmets, while the helmet for the Thor under Odin has an unfamiliar headset style. Another thing is the girl under the Thor. I can't really tell what she is laying ontop of. She seems to be the only one mourning the Death of Christ.....but she could just be tired. Idk. There is another female to the right of her who I'm assuming is Sif, but she looks a bit to girly to be her. Sif is usually portrayed as a dominant figure, especially when during celebrations with her fellow warriors. Although, she does soften when the Thunderer is around, so I can she why she would be maiden-ish. I'm probably being too picky though because I'm a fan of the comic. So, only problems I can really see is that two of the big characters aren't distinct enough. A few minor characters, such as the Warriors Three or Balder or Sif, would of been an extra cherry on top of this delicious cake.

I'm still shocked at the Jesus Crucification in the background. I can only imagine what is going through the Allfather's mind. "Sacrificing himself for the mortals of Midgard???? Hahaha!! Yonder godling must hath consume more mead than my own son hath drunken of the sea!!!

Awesome piece, man!!!! What was your thought process behind it? Reply
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rikvanniedek Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
First of all thank for your reaction on my work.
I will start with how this piece came about as a 2 page spread.
It is part of a Dutch anthology comicbook called HIP COMICS and
this is not the THOR of the Marvel Universe but a diffirent new THOR as
are the other characters Loki and Odin this is the reason they all look a bit different.
The pages show the point in the story where the death of christ signals the beginning
of the end for Asgard, with the rise of christianity the gods of Asgard lose there power
and decide to go on a exodus to another dimension in search of worshippers.
Little do they known what's awaits them at the other side, not only new worshipers but
also the OLD GODS.(see drawing “Thor vs the Old Gods”)
They embark on a war that will last almost 2000 years en will decimate the Asgardians.
On the brink off defeat they decide to return to Asgard and they sent Thor ahead but are
they still welcome in Asgard? This sums op pretty much issue 1.

As for the composition I think you are right. By placing Thor standing besides Odin on
the right side of the paper and Loki behind him it would make better composition.
What you see now seemed a good idee at the time, I blame it on lack of expirience on my part.

Lady Sif is not in the picture the girls with Thor are just girls and one of them very tired.
But I am still pleased you picked on a lot off things in the picture without knowing
the story.

I am still pleased you picked op on a lot off things without knowing the story which is
written bij Johan de Neef. Who basicly wrote “Odin and the Asgardians are celibrating and
in the large palace room watching a tv screen showing the crusification”. For me it was
not clear I they were already celibrating and than turn on the tv screen or the other way around.

I hope things are a bit clearer now and thank you again for your reaction on the drawing.
I like hearing from people with a fresh and different look on my work after working
on it for many hours.

Rik van Niedek.
LordEverlast Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Wow! That sounds like a really intersting story. When it hits the comic shops message me. I'll pick up a copy.

Have a great day.
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